Biotrue ONEday Contact Lenses

Biotrue ONEday Contact Lenses

90 pack - 3 month supply

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Product Information

As a contact lens wearer, you’ve probably wished that your eyes could feel the same when you’re wearing contacts as they do when you’re not. Many contact lenses start out comfortable and relatively undetectable, but over the course of the day become dry and irritating. If they’re monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly lenses, they probably also lose some comfort after multiple days of wear. While wearing daily disposable contact lenses can cut down on a lot of discomfort, not all dailies are the same. Biotrue ONEday lenses, manufactured by the trusted name in eye health, Bausch and Lomb, are on the cutting edge of daily disposable contact lens technology.

Manufactured with a unique material called HyperGel, Biotrue ONEday are daily contact lenses that truly stand apart from the rest. Many hydrogel lenses are made of either a plastic or silicone material that, despite being somewhat breathable and moisture retaining, have a ways to go when it comes to mimicking the layers of the eye itself. With Biotrue contacts you get a lens that is so similar to the outer layers of the eye that it’s practically imperceptible. At 78 percent water content, Biotrue ONEday lenses have the exact same water content as the cornea. In addition, this moisture is built right into the lenses. While some contacts are packaged in a moisturizing solution to try to combat dryness, the moisture in Biotrue is part of the lens so it doesn’t disappear over the course of the day.

Breathability is another big factor in contact lens comfort. Biotrue contact lenses allow oxygen to pass easily through the lens, providing the cornea with the oxygen it needs. Consequently, eyes stay healthy and look clear and bright. Of course, we cannot forget about the reason for wearing contact lenses in the first place — vision correction. Bausch and Lomb Biotrue ONEday contacts are made in prescriptions to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. With their High Definition Optics, these lenses offer sharp vision all day long. As an added benefit, Biotrue contacts also provide some UV protection to help shield eyes from damaging rays.

Whether you’re a long time daily contacts wearer or are just thinking about making the switch to 1-day lenses, Biotrue ONEday is a great option. In fact, Biotrue is so popular among daily disposable lens wearers that 91 percent say they’re pleased with these contacts. When you’re ready to try them for yourself, be sure to check out the low prices at Lens.com. You can get a Biotrue ONEday 90 pack for as low as [discount price] per box, lower than any price you’ll find online or in stores – guaranteed!

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Our Lowest Price: $55.99
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Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb
Material Content:

22% Polymer ( nelfilcon A )

Water Content:

78% H2O

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