Encore Sphere (Vertex Sphere) Contact Lenses

Encore Sphere (Vertex Sphere) Contact Lenses

6 pack - 3 month supply

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Product Information

True or false: Choosing a value-priced contact lens means sacrificing comfort, convenience, and quality. False. As made evident by its consistently favorable customer reviews, Encore Sphere, a weekly contact lens, will save you money without compromising your vision.

Encore Sphere (also known as Vertex Sphere) contact lenses are disposable soft contact lenses manufactured by CooperVision. Each lens is created using CooperVision's patented UltraSync technology, which gives the lens a smooth edge all around for superior comfort. Made from methafilcon A, a lens material that is 45% polymer and absorbs water, the lenses are soft and pliable—delivering a comfortable, customized fit that adapts to the shape of the wearer’s eyes. The remaining portion of Encore Sphere contact lenses is composed of 55 percent water, which keeps eyes sufficiently moist throughout wear, so you’ll never suffer from mid-day dry eyes.

To complement the superior comfort of these thin-edge lenses, Encore Sphere also provides superior vision quality and clarity to lens wearers with a variety of different optical conditions. A convenient tint makes it easier to locate the lenses in solution and facilitates easier general handling without changing the color of your eyes. Also, with Encore Sphere’s 1-2 week replacement schedule, debris build-up and protein deposits are eliminated, which ensures excellent hygiene and limited irritation. This schedule also adds convenience to your lifestyle, with daily washing and storing only necessary until you insert a fresh new pair after a maximum of 14 days.

Encore contact lenses are not approved for overnight wear and must be removed before sleeping. Otherwise, the likelihood of adverse reactions is increased, as shown by clinical studies. In addition, wearers must immediately remove lenses if discomfort (i.e. stinging, burning, itching) or redness of the eyes, excessive tearing, or changes in vision occur. Any of these problems may indicate an infection, ulcer, or other serious conditions.

The name might be new to you, but you can count on the same comfort, convenience, and quality from Encore Sphere contact lenses as you would expect from higher-priced lenses. You can also count on Lens.com for the best value in contact lenses. Priced at just [product price] per box, that price is reduced to [discount price] as long as four or more boxes are purchased per eye. When compared to the retail price of [compare price], this is a savings of [discount amount]. With hassle-free returns, 100% money-back satisfaction, and quick shipping, you can’t go wrong with Lens.com.

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Price Comparison

Our Lowest Price: $15.99
Retail Price: $40.00
Your Savings: $24.01
Manufacturer: CooperVision
Material Content:

45% Polymer ( methafilcon A )

Water Content:

55% H2O

Encore Sphere (Vertex Sphere) Reviews

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