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There is an increasingly vast number of contact lens wearers in the world and it is no wonder—contact lenses are an easy and affordable alternative to wearing glasses. While glasses have their advantages, contact lenses provide a less encumbered look and feel, and make many activities easier. Despite contact lenses being so popular, there is one type of lens that doesn’t get a lot of attention, and that is gas permeable contact lenses.

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses, also known as RGP contacts, have a lot of advantageous features. Even though some people refer to RGP contact lenses as hard contacts, they have little in common with the hard contacts of the past. Gas permeable lenses are made from 100 percent polymer, while soft contact lenses are made from a combination of polymer and water. The composition of RGP lenses makes them harder than soft lenses, but still flexible.

Oxygen is essential to eye health. Our corneas receive the oxygen they need from the air that passes through the front of the eye. This is why breathability is so important for contact lens when it comes to eye health and comfort. It just so happens that one unexpected advantage of gas permeable contact lenses is their high level of breathability. The fact that these lenses are rigid leads a lot of people to believe that they don’t let a lot of oxygen through. Contrary to this assumption, rigid gas permeable contacts allow high levels of oxygen to pass through them. In fact, these type of lenses have better breathability than many soft contacts.

Contact lens wearers who suffer from allergies or excess protein build-up on lenses can benefit from wearing RGP contacts. Since the lenses have no water content, they’re less likely to hold onto bacteria, protein, and other irritants. Rigid gas permeable lenses are also very durable, making them easy to keep clean and handle during insertion and removal. In addition, because these lenses are so sturdy, they generally can be worn for up to a year before replacing. This replacement schedule can really reduce eye care costs. Many people gravitate toward soft contact lenses with high water content because they worry about dry eyes. The truth is that, while RGP contact lenses have no water content, they keep eyes surprisingly moist. Gas permeable lenses are made from a variety of polymers that tend to seal in moisture, keeping eyes comfortable all day.

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