Optima Toric Contact Lenses

Optima Toric Contact Lenses

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Product Information

Finding the best contacts for astigmatism can be a challenge, to say the least. Toric contact lenses have different powers in different meridians and must remain stable in the eye in order to properly correct the condition. On top of that, they must be comfortable enough to wear all day long. As you may have personally experienced, not all toric lenses are. Specially designed for patients with astigmatism, Bausch and Lomb's Optima Toric contact lenses are low-water content, prism-ballasted toric soft lenses that keep your sight clear from day to night. The lenses correct the complications that come with astigmatism and provide sharper, clearer vision. Optima Toric lenses are thin, comfortable, and highly stable.

These contact lenses are made using patented Toric Generating lathe-cutting technology, which provides a comfortable and superior fit. A comfort chamber design contributes to a smoother, softer feel and eliminates irritation for a full day of carefree wear—even if you have sensitive eyes. An ultra-thin construction precisely conforms to the unique shape of your eyes, which secures a customized fit that stays in place no matter how active your life might be. Since they’re made to order, you won’t even notice you’re wearing contacts.

These Bausch and Lomb toric contact lenses are designed to be worn every day, so you can enjoy a convenient schedule, with daily cleaning and storing required. Replaced on a yearly basis, they’ll feel as great on the last day as they did the first. Unlike disposable lenses, you don’t have to worry about running out or not getting your order in the mail soon enough. And don’t fret if you damage or lose a lens; Optima Toric comes with a spare pair as a backup. This brand of toric contact lenses has been a popular leading choice among doctors and patients for more than ten years. The consistent five-and four-star reviews you’ll find online written by loyal wearers commend the quality and comfort of these contacts.

Leave your astigmatism behind and count on a clear view with Bausch & Lomb's Optima Toric contact lenses. If you’re ready to buy them, look no further than Lens.com. If you get two vials, you’ll enjoy a price of [discount price]—much lower than the retail price of [compare price] (that’s a savings of [discount amount], to be exact). We actively check our competitors’ prices to make sure we’re offering the best value to our loyal customers. With hassle-free returns, 100% money-back satisfaction, and quick shipping, you can’t go wrong with purchasing your contact lenses from Lens.com.

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Our Lowest Price: $79.99
Retail Price: $126.00
Your Savings: $46.01
Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb
Material Content:

55% Polymer ( hefilcon B )

Water Content:

45% H2O

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