Optimum Classic Contact Lenses

Optimum Classic Contact Lenses

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Hard contact lenses probably don’t come to mind when you think of comfortable contacts. Some people remember the discomfort of the early hard contacts and other people hear the word “hard” and associate it with discomfort. The truth is that rigid gas permeable contact lenses, like Optimum Classic contact lenses, are astonishingly comfortable and deliver crisp vision with exceptional breathability. A major contributor to the comfort of rigid gas permeable contact lenses is their extreme breathability. One might not expect it of a rigid lens, but hard contact lenses let through higher levels of oxygen than many kinds of soft lenses. When eyes get the air they need they remain healthy and have a bright, clear appearance. With their high Dk rating, Optimum Classic lenses are incredibly breathable and keep eyes looking and feeling great all day long.

There are a lot of great soft lenses on the market that provide clear vision to many people, but if you’re looking for a higher level of sharpness, then a custom made lens is likely your best option. Optimum Classic lenses by Contamac U.S., are made to order. This means that they are built to suit the specific vision needs of the wearer.

Similarly, those who need to address more than one vision issue will likely find that hard contact lenses are better suited to their needs. Anyone can see improvement in clarity when they switch to hard lenses, though. With their custom fit they remain quite stable on the eye, which means that the precise vision is consistent.

Unlike soft contacts, RGP contact lenses are made completely of polymer. The type used in Optimum Classic lenses is called roflufocon B. This substance makes handling your contact lenses amazingly simple. Optimum Classic contact lenses are not only very durable, but they also hold their shape over time, which helps maintain eye comfort and clarity. Of course, as with other RGP contact lenses, Optimum Classic lenses must be taken out, cleaned, and stored at the end of each day to keep lenses in good shape and eyes healthy. If maintained properly, a set of Optimum Classic contact lenses can last up to a year, which can be a big money saver.

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Our Lowest Price: $33.99
Retail Price: $105.00
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Manufacturer: Contamac U.S.
Material Content:

100% Polymer ( roflufocon B )

Water Content:

0% H2O

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